Today, 3rd October 2018

Today I’ve realised I miss writing, I miss my blog, the feeling of being nervous on pressing Publish, the excitement of checking Stats every minute, being super happy with every reader and over the moon with each follower (6 in total including myself, impressive!).

Every thought, every word I put here is in fact what I live, feel, think and it becomes an escape room where with every post I feel closer to freedom by having a clearer mind and getting to visualise my own experiences.

I had a busy day, I am going to have a hot bath and then sink completely in the latest book I’m reading, Revenge wears Prada. Yes, it does have to do with The Devil wears Prada, it’s actually a sequel and if you’ve enjoyed both movie and book you will enjoy this one as well. It’s like watching a movie, but in fact you’re just reading the subtitle, haha.

Enjoy the rest of Today!

Good night ❤️


4 years and 1 day, my life in the UK

Time flies when you’re having fun! And it did indeed, 4 years of challenges and achievements, infinite knowledge and tonnes of fun.

Today I feel proud, happy and grateful that I had the courage to choose another path which proved to be the one that I was always meant to follow.

The best part? Having someone next to you every step of the way, a friend, brother, partner of adventure and forever love of my life. Love you, A

Live. Laugh. Love.

Today 04.05.2018


Today, 10th May 2017

Today on my way home I got to see something that made me smile. Yes, I love food, every piece of it! What my body has to say? Bring it on!! What my scale has to say? Warning, please, only one person at a time! Hahaha 😀

Anyway, thank you Fuller for putting a smile on my face but I will stay away this time, I’ll take my chances!

Fuller Smith & Turner, Brentford


Today, 24th April 2017

Today I am writing to myself. This is just a statement, telling me that what lies within me is not for everyone to see.

I love people, but sometimes I just expect too much of them and with great expectations, you get great disappointments. Cherish the people that see the GOOD in you. Treasure them for loving you for who you are.

This is me, this is who I am, this is how I was designed to think, to live, to love.

NOT perfect, but UNIQUE.



I thank myself today for all my achievements, mistakes, failures for becoming who I am.

Have the courage to be yourself and not how others would like you to be.

” Cold hands, warm heart”.



Today, 7th April 2017

Today made me think a lot about FAITH. I do believe things happen for a reason, right or wrong, good or bad, everything is meant to be. They say if you pay attention to every small mistake, gesture, coincidence or people that you randomly meet and you find out you have so many things in common, despite age, religion, country or beliefs, those are signs of events which are already assigned to happen in your life. Let’s call it, DESTINY!

Have you ever experienced to wish for something to happen so bad and no sign of it, but when you gave up on that thing to come to you so naturally?! I believe things get to you when you are ready to take the most out of them. Bad things? Unfortunately, a reality. You can’t avoid them, you can’t fight them, sometimes you can’t even win, you just need to accept them, understand them, embrace them and get a chance to know them better.

You know what else makes me believe in faith? Deja vu! I can’t remember who told me, but they say that deja vu is just a confirmation of your already planned destiny. You know what? Every time I am experiencing one it puts a big smile on my face and I tell myself,   “I’m on the right track, thank you, God”.

So, you know what:

” Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be”

Hope you have a great weekend!



Today, 6th April 2017

Today is my mother’s birthday, bless her, she is turning 48! Young mamma!! Today is all about her ♡♡.

My mum, she is a very special lady, 150 cm tall, 49 kg, thin as a twig. But don’t get yourself fooled, the lady she means business, works in the army, been twice in Afghanistan, graduated University when she was around 40 and she is still looking to develop herself in so many ways. She made her life as she wanted through hard work and lots of sacrifices.

She is my inspiration and I’ll always be thankful for the beautiful person she turned me into.

I’m really proud of you mum and you should be proud of yourself, look at me how fabulous I am, you did a great job!! Haha…modest as always.

Love you mum, my dear friend, I miss you!



Today, 28th March 2017

Today I feel myself, I feel beautiful, positive and I cannot wait to finish work so I can enjoy the beautiful weather in my garden.

Randomly, today I’ve run into a calculator that tells you the calories needed in a day by each one of us. This will help in setting up a limit for your intake in order to lose weight. It is called Mifflin St. Jeor equation and it is based on two values, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and your activity level.

The formula is below:

Male BMR = (10 X weight (kg)) + (6.25 X height (cm)) – (5 X age (y)) + 5

Female BMR = (10 X weight (kg)) + (6.25 X height (cm)) – (5 X age (y)) – 161

Activity level:

  • no exercise = 1.2
  • 1-3 exercise days/week = 1.375
  • 3-5 exercise days/week = 1.55
  • 6-7 exercise days/week = 1.725

Calories needed a day = (your BMR per the Mifflin equation) X (your activity level)

There are various methods to set up a limit but in fact,each of us is unique and our metabolism works in different ways. It would be best to start reducing the intake gradually by 15 – 20% and by having an exercise pattern you will notice your own results. After that, you can adjust the limit, bear in mind never go under 1200 calories a day and take into consideration the level of activity and its intensity.

It is a really useful technique in getting yourself healthier, slimmer and toned up.

I feel a lot better since I’ve started exercising and taking care what I eat and how much. What I really like is that I don’t feel restricted and I can adapt my lifestyle to my preferences. Let’s see how it goes! Be confident!!



Today, 24th March 2017

Today is Friday, 5th day of the week, the day God created mankind setting the bar too high for all of us down here.

What am I going to do today? No idea! Probably licking my wounds after the Yoga class from yesterday. Yes, I did get to attend the class which was as expected, beneficial, pleasant but painful for someone stiff as I am. The trainer was nice, really good in explaining the poses and with a beautiful positive attitude.I am proud of myself for keeping up quite well with others and managing to stretch like a rubber (I wish!). It was a lovely experience which helped me relax, disconnect and will definitely try again.


I’m sure is going to end up in being a mad evening as we are quite a few people getting together in our flat tonight. Worst case scenario, I’ll end up looking inside my eyelids aka falling asleep at 9 o’clock. My friends know exactly what I’m talking about.  Hahaha

Today I got told by my lovely colleague from work, AK, something that really made my day and which is worth mentioning “Smart is the new sexy!”. What was it about that made him say that? Woke up with a wild hair this morning and my friend was fixing me with paperclips. 🙂 Don’t laugh, it actually works!

Have a good weekend, lovely people!




Today, 23rd March 2017

Today I’m going to a Yoga class or at least I’m trying to get into one. Unfortunately, it was straight away fully booked, it seems to be quite popular, so I’ve registered on the waiting list. They say I have good chances of getting in. Fingers crossed!

Never been to Yoga class before, I rarely exercise, ok truth is I don’t do it at all. You might know me, I like eating not gymming! Hahaha

I’ve started going to classes 3 weeks ago and I gotta admit I kinda enjoy it. As for the food, I don’t diet, hate the word “diet” – too related to restrictions, but I’m counting calories, trying to stick to a maximum of 1200-1300 Kcal per day (based on various factors, age, height, weight, the level of activity and many others). I can have anything but within this limit. If you try it you will be surprised how much intake we have daily, unbelievable.

Being a bit “unbalanced”  for the past 6 months I’ve found a good reason to approach a well-known therapy called comfort eating. Made me feel better at the time but not feeling the same now when I notice I need to change my wardrobe. Shopping might be a good approach as well, but not after you see your bank statements. 🙂

A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!I really don’t like this saying as true as it might be.

I hope I’ll get a chance to try Yoga tonight. I’ll let you know how I feel about it.

Today is about Relaxing, Yoga, Meditation!

Well excited!




Today, 22nd March 2017

Everything is about TODAY, or even better, life is all about NOW.

I have lost myself trying to discover TOMORROW. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get back on track and to stop looking too much in the PAST or to the FUTURE.

Today, I have managed to put together an itsy, bitsy, tiny blog of mine. Truth is I never thought this would be something that I would do, even now I have doubts in pressing the Publish button or sharing the blog for you to read ( please don’t be too harsh on me).

I don’t know how this works but I will go ahead and will try to share with you my Today’s as often as possible.

My life is really, super normal! This is the problem, normality is overwhelming me! I know this is everyone’s life, wake up, go to work, come back, shopping, cooking, eating, shower, TV/Facebook or any other silly method that gets your brain radiated, go to bed and wake up to the same story, just written on a different page.

Myself, unfortunately, I got to a point where all the parts that were keeping me together fell apart. It is so easy to fell apart, to do mistakes, to not be happy or not to appreciate what you have and so hard to open your eyes and to see just happiness, love, family, friends, freedom.

Life is simple, it just depends where you look.

Be generous to yourself, you deserve to live the PRESENT.

keep calm path

Today, 4th October 2018

I was reading today a news article about this “tagging” system that has been going on for so long on our own appearance which has made me think about the fact that since I was around 12 I always felt I’m not happy with my body and I’ve been all the time setting up goals to look like others. From 16 I’ve been on a constant diet, on and off, but with no major super model changes, because without a doubt we all relate to those examples, magazines , TV stars, singers, actors, that unicorn, fairy land of perfect bodies without any effort, or help, or massages, or treatments, or supplements, or personal chefs, or trainers or… you get the point.

I really need to start identifying myself as my own body, mind and soul. For the past 2 years I can definitely say I’ve been working on my mind and soul side of things, been through a really crazy ride, actually it was more like a whole theme park with front tickets to panic attacks, anxiety, depression, insomnia and all the other extras that comes with this.

I feel like this has become lately a reality not just for me but for the whole world, no matter the age, country, social position, bank account status we are all in this and trust me, we are all equals! I have overcome most of my fears, with patience, with love, with help and now I realize this made me more aware than ever of my own life, feelings and thoughts. I got far and I’m proud of that.

Now I need to start loving my body, embrace it, accept it, take care of it and I’m sure all the rest will follow.

Love yourself more! Today…